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Welcome to the new Eve-Online character generator. The character generator below was designed in a competition run by Eve-Guides and won by Broggum.

A list of useful character codes:

321133202300 (Caldari Achura +2 Int +3 Mem) Research/Datacore Alt

121123203200 (Minmatar Vherokior) Manufacturing Alt - Starts with Ind 5, Mass Prod 3 and high mem/int stats (thanks to Leo Starbuck for sending this in)

121123120300 (Minmatar Vherokior) Fofalus suggest this char would be good for a POS gunner, having high Memory and Charisma.

122122223000 (Minmatar Vherokior) Creosh suggests this char would be good for a trade alt (and I agree) giving you some 56 trade slots from the off.

321131203200 (Caldari Achura) m3rse suggest this char is the easiest to use as a cyno alt

131121200032 (Minmatar Brutor) Kevin Gurnhill suggest this would make a good gunnery/ship command alt as it has high perception and willpower.

221121201013 (Gallente Jin-Mei) Eric Underwing suggest this would make a good gallente alt for pvp starting with good skills for an inty and t2 fitted frigs.

212113203200 (Gallente Intaki) Ex Mudder - with Int 15 / Mem 15, starts with Engineering 5 and Mechanic 5 so he can go straight for most invention skills once he gets Science 5.

432131220300 (Amarr Khanid) Daggaroth suggest this would make a good hauler alt character which start with T2 cargo expander skills right off the bat.

121122120300 (Minmatar Vherokior) Oni Frozen suggest this would be perfect for CEO alt, starts with Corp management L5.

432123203200 (Amarr Khanid) Tibs suggested this would be good for an above-average (armor-tanking oriented) PvPer regardless of chosen piloted race.


When Apocrypha comes in March this section will be removed as it's no longer relevant to EVE-Online character creation.