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Corporation Section - FAQ


Q - What is a corp?
A - A corp or Corporation is a group of players who decide they want to stick it out together and "group" up.

Q - Why make a corp, why can't we just all be friends in different corps?
A - Well you can but a corp will allow you to be closer together, you will have your own personal chat, can see instantly when another member comes online, can share items together. Plus the corp can go to war together and creates a common goal, being in a corp basically means you "belong".

Q - How do I leave my corp?
A - Right click on your name in the chat window, select Quit Corporation, if you have roles or grantable roles choose the option to remove them all and wait 24 hours.  Then right click on your name in the chat window, select Quit Corporation and then Confirm Quit Corporation, then click OK in the confirmation box.

Q - I want to create my own Corp what skills do I need?
A - Corporation Management and unless you intend to stay in the Corp alone you will also need Ethnic Relations.

Q - How do I create a Corp?
A - Watch the video!

Q - How much does it cost to create a Corp?
A - Approx 1.5 Million ISK.