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Corporation Roles

Roles are used in EVE to delegate access to various Corporation functionalities. There are two main types of Roles available: Normal and Grantable. A Normal role such as Accountant gives a member the right to perform various accounting related actions for the Corporation. However, if a member is given the Grantable Role of Accountant, he or she also has the ability to give and take the Role of Accountant from other members of the Corporation. Grantable Roles are assigned by the CEO and should be given only to those who have proven themselves trustworthy.

These are the general Roles currently available:


Accountants can monitor and manage the financial affairs of the Corporation. They can view Corporation bills in the Neocom Bills Panel. From there, they can pay the Corporation's bills (with Corporation money, of course) and see who owes money to the Corporation. Accountants can also purchase and sell items for the Corporation. Items can be sold from the Corporation hangar. Items bought are placed in the Deliveries window at the station where they are purchased, and only an Accountant can remove these items.


These Roles allow a person to TAKE ISK from that division of the corp wallet. 


The Auditor Role allows the holder to check the Role history of members of the Corporation.


This Role allows the holder to anchor, unanchor, rename, and configure various types of objects in space (mainly containers).


This Role allows the holder to perform Starbase configuration, which involves fuelling, anchoring, unanchoring, onlining and offlining POS structures.


A director is, for the most intents and purposes, the same as a CEO. Directors can hire and fire members and change job descriptions (assigning and un-assigning roles, grantable roles, bases and titles). Directors are the next best thing to CEOs, allowing a corporation to function with members based in different time zones around the world. It is probably wise for a large Corporation to have exclusive and trusted members with this role spanning over varied time zones, allowing the Corporation to be constantly manageable. This should allow Corporations with international memberships to be effective in terms of management, and able to respond to situations effectively as they occur. It is very important to remember that the role of Director gives the holder all implied roles and grantable roles. To put this simply, if you make someone a Director, you have effectively given him or her every role and grantable role (except Director), and that person will have full access to all Corporation resources and assets at all locations.


The role of Factory Manager allows the holder to create jobs in the factory and research slots that have been rented by the Corporation. Holders of such jobs use blueprints and materials from the Corporation hangar. They can also cancel jobs for the Corporation as well. Factory Managers can also eject blueprints from Corporation-owned factories and research slots. Additionally, they can see what is going on in any corporate factory and research slot.


The Junior Accountant is a lesser version of the Accountant role. It essentially allows the holder to view the data that an Accountant views. However, it does not allow the holder to perform the actions that an Accountant can.


A Personnel Manager can process applications and sign up new members.


This role allows the holder to rent factory slots for the Corporation.


The role of Rent Office allows the holder to rent offices for the Corporation.


This role allows the holder to rent research facilities for the Corporation.


The role of Security Officer allows the holder to view the contents of the deliveries window in station. This is the window where items bought by the Corporation at a station are placed. If the Corporation has a corporate hangar at a station, the role of Security Officer grants access to the contents of the corporation hangars. This access also facilitates the placing of items into the members' hangars.


A junior version of Config Starbase, this role allows the holder to view certain otherwise-hidden Starbase functions, including the Processing Management tab and the contents of fuel bays, ammo holds and silos. The holder of this role can refuel the tower and add more ammo, but cannot remove items from any area. He or she also has the ability to remove items from silos and make changes in the Production sub-tab.


This Role allows the holder to control Starbase weapons and EW structures (dependant on Starbase Defense Management skill).


This Role allows the holder to Fuel Starbase Control towers, the role does not allow the holder to remove fuel, offline or online structures.


As the name implies, Station Managers can perform station management tasks for Corporation-owned facilities. These tasks are varied and include adjusting the standing-based modifiers for allowing docking and the charges for it, as well as permission to access factories, the reprocessing plant, and the repair shop. The Station Manager also determines how modifiers should be applied for costs based upon standings for these tasks. In addition, he or she is also able to set up station defenses.


If you have taken a look at the Role Management tools you may have noticed that it is possible to assign various types of roles to Corporation members at their Base, the Corporation's headquarters, or at other Locations. In order for Locational roles to be used to the full, it is a good idea to assign members to a Base. A Base is essentially a station where the Corporation has an office. When a member has a Base, you can assign the member hangar access roles based at that location. For members that you really trust, you might want to consider giving them hangar access roles at the headquarters of the Corporation. If your Corporation has many offices, you might want to consider giving members that use many different offices hangar access roles at "other" locations. Locational roles are applied based upon the Location of members; if they are located at HQ then they will only have the Location roles assigned to them at HQ. If they are at their Base, they will have the Locational Roles assigned to them "at base." Lastly, if they are anywhere else, they will have the Locational Roles assigned to them as being "at other." Of course, the normal roles of the player, such as Security Officer, Accountant, and Factory Manager, etc., are active without regard to the Location of the Corporation member.

Locational Roles allow members to view and access items from the divisional folders within Corporation hangars. There are also Container Can Take roles, for all divisions, which allow a member to remove containers; without this role, it is not possible to remove containers from the hangar.

For the Corporate Hangar Array, which is essentially a corporation hangar in space the "roles at other" determine the access for the Corporation member.

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