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Corporation Roles & Titles

Q - Why use Titles?
A - When a player joins your corp or moves up in rank/responsibilities it is a MUCH easier job to just assign them additional titles than it is to go through the many dozens of roles making sure you have given them the right ones.

Q - So how do Titles work?
A - This will take some setting up initially but in essence what the CEO needs to do is make a host of titles using an appropriate naming convention and assign the correct roles to the titles.  Then simply edit the members assigning them the appropriate Title then that player will instantly gain access to whatever roles the title has assigned to it.

Q - Why not simply give them the roles?
A - You didn't read the first FAQ did you, this isn't an alternative method it's a HUGE shortcut in assigning multiple roles in one go.  Any CEO with an ounce of knowledge in this area will not be giving out individual roles to all the corps members, he/she will be assigning them titles which have all the roles built in.

Q - Can you still give a person Roles if they have a title?
A - Yes of course you can, you will always get a player that maybe needs a little bit more responsibility in an area.

Click Play to watch a small video on how to assign roles to a title and how to give that title to a player.

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