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Name Market Group Value
AIMEDs   100
A Lot of Money    
Accounting Records   10.000
Address #298 Audio Fragment    
Advisory Notes    
Aidonis Honorary Fellow Medallion    
Altered Datacore - Mechanical Engineering    
Amarr Empire Transaction And Salary Logs    
Amarr KIU-1 Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 2.000.000
Amarr MIY-1 Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 500.000
Amarr TIL-1 Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 8.000.000
Amarr Training Certification Results    
Amarrian Wheat Consumer Products 10.000
Ammatar Transaction and salary logs    
Ancient Amarrian Relic    
Ancient Painblade    
Angel Cartel Plans    
Antique Vheriokor Statue    
Antiviral Drugs   325
Archives Passkey    
Ardorele Heirloom    
Arms Cache   100
Autrech Voucher Political Paraphernalia  
Barrels Of Fertilizer   200
Barrels Of Soil   80
Barrels Of Water   35
Battery Cartridge    
Blaque Voucher Political Paraphernalia  
Blood Drop    
Blood Obsidian Orb    
Bone Splinter    
Book of St. Arzad    
Boundless Creations Security Codes    
Broken Mining Equipment    
Bronze Sculpture    
Brutor Tribe Roster    
CPF.HYA LogInt Facility POI-26: Data Cache    
CPF Security Personnel    
Caldari AZ-1 Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 8.000.000
Caldari BY-1 Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 500.000
Caldari CU-1 Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 2.000.000
Caldari Navy Overlay Transponder    
Caldari State Transaction And Salary Logs    
Caldari Traitor's DNA    
Capital Ship Design – “Dictator”    
Cargo Manifest   100
Cartel Holovids   250
Central Data Core   100
Cerebral Slice    
Certification Results    
Cipher Router    
Classified Report - Station Defenses    
Colossal Sealed Cargo Containers   100
Communications Logs    
Complex Fullerene Shard    
Confiscated Vitoc    
Corporations for the Rest of Us   3.328
Correspondence Log KL-513   100
Corrupted Drone Components    
Covert Recording Device   58.624
Crates Of Construction Blocks   500
Crates Of Electronic Parts   750
Crates Of Frozen Plant Seeds   75
Crates Of Holoreels   250
Crates Of Long-limb Roes   2.400
Crates Of Rocket Fuel   505
Crates Of Spirits   455
Crates Of Tobacco   48
Crates Of Transmitters   313
Criminal DNA Criminal DNA Patterns  
Criminal Dog Tag Consumer Products  
Cryogenic Stasis Capsule   100
Customs Patrol Schedule    
DNA Sample Criminal DNA Patterns  
Data Chip    
Defiled Relics    
Defunct Drone Sensor Module Industrial Goods  
Dem's Galactical Botanical    
Demographic Analyses    
Design Documents   100
Deteis Family    
DisX Stash    
Dossier – Author Unknown    
Dr. Castille's Data Core (Property of CreoDron)    
Drezins DNA Criminal DNA Patterns  
Drill Parts    
Drive Cluster EDF-285    
Drone Tracking Data    
Drug Contact List    
Dysfunctional Fluid Router    
Ekala's Design Documents    
Elena Gazky's DNA Criminal DNA Patterns  
Elite Drone AI    
Encoded Lai Dai Reports    
Encoded Message    
Encrypted Data Crystals   80
Encrypted Data Fragment    
Encrypted Transmission    
Engraved Blood Obsidian tablet    
Enigmatic Reports    
Enlightened Soul Silver Shield    
Epidermis Sliver    
Farming Supplies    
Faulty Suntendi Virtu-Real Implant    
Federal Star of Justice    
Federation Court Logs    
Foiritan Sculpture    
Foiritan Voucher Political Paraphernalia  
Folkloric Painting    
Food-Borne Toxin    
Fraudulent Pax Amarria   3.328
Galeptos Medicine Consumer Products 100
Gallente 106 Election Holoreel Consumer Products  
Gallente Alpha Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 8.000.000
Gallente Beta Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 2.000.000
Gallente Federation Transaction And Salary Logs    
Gallente Gamma Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 500.000
Gallentean Planetary Vehicles Consumer Products 10.000
Gallentean Viral Agent   850
Genetically Enhanced Livestock Consumer Products 100
Giant Sealed Cargo Containers   100
Gold Sculpture    
Guristas Research Data    
Guristas War Plans   100
Guristas ‘Dirty’ Explosive System    
Hand of Arzad    
Hauteker Memoirs    
Havatiah's Ship Database    
Heap-Load Of Garbage   20
Heart Stone    
Hidden Data Sheets    
High-Tech Data Chip Industrial Goods 10.000
High-Tech Manufacturing Tools Industrial Goods 10.000
High-Tech Scanner Industrial Goods 10.000
High-Tech Small Arms Industrial Goods 10.000
High-Tech Transmitter Industrial Goods 10.000
Hive Mind CPU    
Holoreel – Torture Log I15B   250
Hyasyoda Captain    
Inquest Drone    
Insorum Booster Prototype    
Intaki Clackers    
Intermediate Medal Consumer Products  
Ishukone Corporate Records    
Ishukone Operational Reports    
Jovian Delegates    
Keron's Head    
Khumaak Consumer Products 10.000
Komni History (1 of 2)    
Komni History (2 of 2)    
Korim Kor-Azor    
Korranis DNA Criminal DNA Patterns  
Kruul's DNA Criminal DNA Patterns  
Large Sealed Cargo Containers   100
Legends Medal Consumer Products  
Letters of Bishop Dalamaid    
Liberty Tattoo of the Minmatar Nation    
Liver Bile    
Luther Veron's Head    
Manchura's Logs    
Manufacturing Tools Industrial Goods  
Medical Supplies    
Medium Sized Sealed Cargo Containers   100
Message from the Governor    
Minmatar DNA    
Minmatar Republic Transaction And Salary Logs    
Minmatar Training Certification Results    
Minmatar UUA Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 500.000
Minmatar UUB Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 2.000.000
Minmatar UUC Nexus Chip Nexus Chips 8.000.000
Mizara's Doll    
Modified Augumene Antidote   325
Mordur's DNA Criminal DNA Patterns  
Mysterious Statuette    
Native Freshfood Special    
Neophite Consumer Products  
Network Decryption Analyzer    
Nidupadian Yorak Eggs    
Novice Medal Consumer Products  
Nugoeihuvi Data Chip   100
Number Box    
Obsidian Datacore    
Old Map    
Olfei Medallion Political Paraphernalia 100
Olufami's DNA Criminal DNA Patterns  
Onyx Heart of Valor    
Operation Stillwater: Synopsis    
Ornamental Necklace    
Ottin Holoreels Case    
PDW-09FX Data Shell    
PDW-09FX Tactical Subroutines    
Pax Amarria Consumer Products 3.328
Personal Information Data    
Physical Samples    
Privateer Commander's Head    
Pro-Trade Pamphlets Political Paraphernalia  
Proof of Discovery: Anomalies    
Proof of Discovery: Gravimetric    
Proof of Discovery: Gravimetric Passkey    
Proof of Discovery: Ladar    
Proof of Discovery: Ladar Passkey    
Proof of Discovery: Magnetometric    
Proof of Discovery: Radar    
Quafe Ultra Special Edition Consumer Products  
Quafe Unleashed formula   30
Questionable Cargo    
Rebellion Cache    
Religious Artifact    
Report R:081-9560    
Report R:081-9568    
Research Data Fragment    
Research Tools Industrial Goods 100
Rogue Drone A.I. Core    
Router Encryption Key    
Runaway Daughter   100
S.I Formula Sheet    
SARO Emblem    
Sacred Bricks    
Sansha Command Signal Receiver   750
Sansha Data Sheets    
Sareko's Capsule    
Sealed Research Cache    
Shiez Kuzaks Ship Database    
Signed Copy of Pax Amarria    
Silver Sculpture    
Singed Datapad    
Singing Staff    
Small Sealed Cargo Containers   100
Small Warded Container   100
Smuggler's Warning About Sister Alitura    
Special Delivery   100
Splinter Bodyguard    
St. Arzad    
Standard Decoding Device    
Star Charts   100
Strange Coded Document    
Strange Datacore    
Strange Mechanical Device    
Synthetic Coffee Consumer Products  
Temple Stone    
Test Dummies Industrial Goods 100
The Benevolent    
The Education of the Starkmanir    
The Fire in Our Hearts    
Top-Secret Design Documents   100
Traditional Board Game    
Training Certificate    
Transaction And Salary Logs    
Transcranial Microcontroller Consumer Products 5.800
Trinary Data    
Ukomi Super Conductors Industrial Goods 5.000
Ulamon's Data Chip    
Ultra! Promotional holoreel Consumer Products  
Unassembled Energy Weapons   100
Verification Key    
Victor Emblem    
Virgin Forest Pulp Political Paraphernalia  
Whelan Machorin's Head    
Wildfire Khumaak   10.000
Wolf Burgan's Body Double    
Wolf Burgan's DNA    
X-Rated Holoreel    
Zemnar Consumer Products 100
Zor's DNA Criminal DNA Patterns  
Miscellaneous (Not Published)
Name Market Group Value
Air Show Entrance Badge    
Alliance Tournament Bronze Medal    
Alliance Tournament Cup    
Alliance Tournament Gold Medal    
Alliance Tournament Silver Medal    
Amphere 9    
Counterfeit Minmatar Faction Ammo    
Cross of the Sacred Throne Order    
Foundation Stone   100
Holoreel: Wanted for Love    
Kidnapping Evidence    
Large Special Delivery   100
Major Effects    
Massive Sealed Cargo Containers   100
Octomet Dog Tags    
Primordial Biomass    
Ralie Ardanne’s Belongings    
Spintric Coin    
Spintrixiate Rewards Coin    
Tattered Doll