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Ship - you can use any ship to explore in so long as it has the CPU and power to run the probe launcher, it is advantageuos to use a covert ops ship since it gives a bonus to scanning strength.

Probe launcher - there are just 2 launchers now after the Apocrypha expansion.


Exploration/Probing Skills (updated for Apocrypha)

Skill Description Pre-requsites
Astrometrics Skill at operating long range scanners.  Allows +1 probe per level in space starting with 4 at level 1 Science L3
Astrometric Pinpointing Greater accuracy in hunting down targets found through scanning. Reduces maximum scan deviation by 10% per level. Astrometrics 4
Science 3
Astrometric Triangulation Acquisition Skill at the advanced operation of long range scanners. 10% reduction in scan probe scan time per level. Astrometrics 3
Science 3
Signal Acquisition Astrometric Triangulation Skill for the advanced operation of long range scanners. 10% increase to scan probe strength per level Science 3

The higher the above skills then the better you will be at exploration and probing in general.