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Q - What does signal strength mean?
A - Imagine your sat in Starship Enterprise and scanning a planet surface, you get a weak signal and an approximate location of the signal. This is because your scanner is scanning the full radius of the planet surface, if you narrowed down your scanner to the approximate signal location you can boost the scanner strength. The probes in EVE work in a similar way, the wider the probe searches the weaker the signal it will pick up. If you drop the probe down in size so it scans less area then it will increase in scan strength and be more accurate. As you lower the probe radius all the way down to 0.25AU it will be at it's most strongest.

Q - Why do I need 4 probes?
A - Well in short it depends what you are looking for, I can drop a single 32AU probe and pick up some exploration (anomoly) sites at 100% and that's with 1 probe not 4. But to find wormholes and certain exploration sites will require 4 probes and a much more smaller scan range.

Q - Do I need a Covert Ops ship to scan in?
A - As above, no you don't, but the Cov Ops ship gives a bonus to scan strength so it is the best ship to use.

Q - What does a red circle mean between 2 probes?
A - It means that both those 2 probes have detected the same signature, cross the circle with a 3rd and/or 4th probe to discover the site

Q - What does a red dot mean?
A - It gives the approximate location that your probes think where the site is, it can move so don't drop your probes down to a too smaller size and scan. Likelihood if you did that is the site would disappear, always drop probes down 1 scan range level at a time.

Q - What does a yellow dot mean?
A - It means your probes are fairly sure that this is the signature location, yellow dots are less likely to move so you can focus on that point.

Q - What does a green dot mean?
A - It means you have found the site and should be able to warp to it.

Below is Space Wanderer's FAQ from EVE-Online forums

Q - What of the new probes I need?
A - Currently, you might want core probes and deep space probes. Using only core probes is also viable, although a bit harder. If you use only core probes you can just fit a core launcher (only 15 CPU), otherwise you need an expanded one (220 CPU).

Q - I don't care about exploration, I want to hunt people!
A - Then CURRENTLY you only need the expanded launcher and deep space probes (if you have astrometrics V), since CURRENTLY they are better than combat probes in any respect. If you don't have astrometrics V you only need the combat probes and expanded launcher. According to greyscale that might change in a future patch, though. You CANNOT scan anything except cosmic signatures with core probes.

Q - I am in a new system, how am I supposed to multispec it?
A - Shortly, there are no multispectral probes in the new system. However you can use deep space probes at higher range to know how many sites are in the system, and their signal strength (please refer to this thread to know what is what). If you can't use deep space you can still drop some core at 32AU or some combat probes at 64AU. Also, if you get a signal strength higher than 25% on a site you will be told its type, so a deep space probe with range 8AU will report the type of most sites inside its range.

Q - I am only looking for a specific type of site (radar, gravi, etc). How do I focus my scans on it?
A - Shortly, you can't. No more radar/ladar probes. But you can use the procedure above) to find the site types and pursue only those you are interested in.

Q - What type is a wormhole?
A - Cosmic Signature, Unknown.

Q - I get a signal with 100% strength but can't warp to it
A - You need four probes hitting the site, to get a warpable hit. Select the hit, and see what appears on the map: if you see a sphere, only one of your probes is hitting the site; if you see a ring, only two probes; if there are TWO dots, with equal strength no higher than 50%, only three probes are hitting the site.

Q - I am getting four signals at 100% from my four probes for the same site, but can't warp to any of them.
A - Signal strength is only ONE of the variables affecting scanning. Probes shouldn't be too clustered, or only on one side of the site, otherwise probes won't be able to combine their hits into a single warpable hit.

Q - I can't get 100% signal strength on a site.
A - Depending on your skills, equipment, ships, implants, the signal strength may vary A LOT. If, with a single probe, you are not able to obtain at least a 50% signal strength no matter how close to the site it is, you WILL NOT be able to find that site with that equipment.

Q - I am in W-space without probes/probe launcher, and the wormhole I came through is lost/collapsed. How do I get out?
A - The main way is self-destructing your pod, so I would advise to keep an up-to-date clone at any time. Still, a good way to avoid this is to put a core launcher with some probes on any ship you fly in wspace. Alternatively you can speak in local asking for help and hoping somebody else is around. Local is not off, it just is in delayed mode, so you might still be able to speak to others if you need to. Of course you have to trust them, but the worse they can do to you is to pod you home... Cool

Q - I got a 100% warpable hit, I warped to it, and nothing was where. What gives?
A - It's a bug, should be fixed in next patch. Workaround: rescan with the same probes in the same position, and rewarp.

Q - Are wormholes also in empire?
A - Yes. although the word is that the most profitable wormholes are more likely to be found in lowsec and 0.0.

Q - I scanned with a single probe, got a 100% hit, and could immediately warp to it. What gives?
A - You found a Cosmic Anomaly. Anomalies are the only hit that can be warped to by using a single probe. Also, you can still find them using the onboard scanner.

Q - What can I find in a wormhole?
A - You can find cosmic anomalies (combat sites) and cosmic signatures of different sites: gravimetric (mineral belts with high-sec,low-sec and 0.0 minerals depending on the difficulty of the site); ladar (harvestable gas clouds with fullerene for T3); radar (interfaces, decryptors, reactions and bpcs for T3); magnetometric (relics to be used for T3); unknowns (wormholes). Up to now every unknown signature I found was a wormhole.

Q - What security level is a wormhole system?
A - Every system in w-space is 0.0 security rating, but no sovereignity can be obtained. So, as much as you might harvest wspace, you might as well be harvested. Be on your guard.

Q - Is there local in a wormhole system?
A - There is DELAYED local. So you can still speak in local, but if you don't nobody will see you in local.

Q - What are the minimum and recommended skills for exploration?
A - Minimum: Astrometrics 1 Recommended: Astrometrics 5 (to use deep space probes), Astrometrics Triangulation 3, Astrometrics Pinpointing 3, Astrometric Acquisition 2/3. Also a ScanFrig / CovOpsFrig with ShipSkills makes a big difference in ScanStrength. NOTE: the astrometrics 5 might change with next patch. Nobody knows how, yet.

Q - Can probes be positioned within the scan area of my other probes?
A - Yes. However if you keep the probes much closer to each other than to the site you won't be likely to find anything anyway. Check this thread for further information on how probe placement affects scan results.

Q - Can sites spawn at more than 4AU from planets?
A - According to Greyscale they might, but reports are conflicting. The most believed theory is that common sites still spawn only at 4AU, while at least wormhole, or maybe all the new stuff, may spawn beyond that. No certain answer yet.

Q - Do I need a covop to explore?
A - Yes and no. It's not an almost unavoidable requirement as it was before, but it still offers several benefits. Since it increase scan strength, it means that some hard-to-find sites can only be found by a covop (unless maybe you are maxing implants and skills), that you'll find sites faster and that you'll be able to "multispec" more easily.

Q - What's the point of deep space probes in exploration?
A - DSPs are useful in exploration for two reasons: 1) drop one in system at max range tells you how many sites are in the system, and how difficult they are. 2) Since they have a very good signal strength at a big range, they can be used to determine site types. An 8AU DSP is capable to detect the type of many easy/medium sites. Note: it is unsure what will happen of DSPs signal strength after next patch so point 2) might be only a transient advantage.

Q - I heard about strange effects on ships attributes while being in w-space. Is that true?
A - Yes, different solar systems may have an effect on your ship performance, positive and negative. There is a list.