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Q - What is invention?
A - Invention is a method of taking a Tech I Blueprint Copy and turning it into a limited run Tech II Blueprint Copy.

Q - Do I need to own a Tech I Blueprint Original (BPO) to do invention?
A - No, you can buy Blueprint Copies (BPC) from contracts or BPO owners.

Q - What is involved in doing an Invention job?
A - Take a Tech I BPC, a relevant data interface, datacores, decryptor (optional), a Tech I base item (optional) and certain skills and throw them all in an invention slot.

Q - What skills do I need to run invention jobs?
A - See here

Q - Where do I get Data Interfaces, Datacores and Decryptors from?
A - See Radar Exploration sites also you can exchange Research Points with a R&D agent to obtain Datacores, generally all are available on the market in certain hubs.

Q - Data Interfaces are expensive do these get used up?
A - No they don't get used up, once the invention job is put on the Data Interface remains in the hangar so you can remove it.

Q - Do ME or PE on the BPC make any difference to the outcome?
A - Not at this moment in time no they don't.

Q - Does corporation standing make any difference to the outcome of the invention job?
A - No

Q - Does it matter if my corp mate delivers the job, will it cause the job to fail?
A - The outcome of the job is decided when it is installed so it makes no difference who delivers it.

Q - If I use a max run BPC will I get any benefit?
A - Without a decryptor a max run BPC makes no difference at all, with a decryptor a max run BPC will add an extra 1 run (ships) 10 run (modules, drones and ammo) onto the outcome of the job (if you are successful). More details about max run on the decryptor page.

Q - Where do decryptors come from?
A - From exploration sites, in particular Radar exploration sites - See exploration section.

Q - What is this meta level I keep hearing about and how does that affect the invention outcome?
A - Every item in EVE has a Meta Level, all ships AFAIK have a meta level of 0, modules range from 0 to officer level modules at 12. An item with meta level 5 or above cannot be used in an invention job. Tech I none named modules are mostly meta level 0 so don't put them in, only named modules have a meta level greater than 0. The higher the meta level the greater the outcome of the invention job. If you look at the item properties in game and don't see the meta level attribute then it's meta level 0.

Q - How do I choose the Tech II outcome if there's more than one (IE a frigate BPC has 2 possible outcomes)?
A - When you put the invention job on there's a drop down box which allows you to choose the outcome you want.