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Skills for invention

To stand any chance at invention you need science specific skills to at least Level 4 across the board for the particular invention job.

Racial Encryption Skills

You will require a race specific Encryption skill, these are named Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar and Gallente Encryption Methods.

The requirements of these skills are

The above skill is one of the most influencing parts of the invention process, although it will take time getting these skills to L5 would benefit the job greatly.  It is only dropped in exploration sites and not sold by NPCs on the market so be prepared to pay quite a lot for these skills.

Science Level Skills

You will need science skills relating to the Tech II build process of the item you are inventing, these skills are typically:

Racial Starship Engineering, Electromagnetic Physics, Electronic Engineering,  Graviton Physics, High Energy Physics, Hydromagnetic Physics, Laser Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Molecular Engineering, Nanite Engineering, Nuclear Physics, Plasma Physics, Quantum Physics and Rocket Science.

Before you go OMFG I need all that lot.... no you don't need them ALL unless you are going to invent every item from every race.

So how do I know which skills I need to do the job?

With the Trinity patch this is MUCH easier to see, as the skills are now listed under the invention tab.

Example - Large Armour Repairer I requires

Try and get these science skills as high as possible before doing an invention job.

Typically all ship inventions will use Racial Starship Engineering and Mechanical Engineering skills.