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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

1.3 The Beginning of a Miner's Career

Ok, so you just started playing EVE, you are very motivated, but completely lost. We just looked at what you can mine, and what it will give you. You are however in your Ibis of Doom™ and cannot figure out where to go. That's normal. That's why you are reading this section, right?

Before you do ANYTHING else, I highly suggest you do the tutorial missions if you haven't already done so, to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics and tools.
Another excellent reason is that the tutorial agent will give you ISK and rewards, maybe even an implant, which you can also sell for ISK, which will give you the capital you need to start. Another alternative is to join a corporation and have them help you around. No matter which option you choose, you will need some ISK before you can start.

1.3.1 Your First Ship

The best mining ship for starters is without a doubt the Caldari Bantam. Take note that the Bantam is NOT the only capable mining frigate. The Gallente for example, have the Navitas. Each race has its mining frigate, so if you do not wish to cross-train for Caldari if you aren't Caldari already, you should go through the frigates' descriptions in the database to find the mining frigate of your race. Arguably though, the Caldari have the best mining cruiser (more later), so it makes sense to start with them.

Skills you will need
: Caldari Frigate 2, Mining 1

I suggest you train Caldari Frigate 2, then Mining I, then head to Caldari Frigate 4 and then straight to Mining 4. Since the Caldari frigate skill gives 20% to the yield of lasers (only for this ship of course), the 1 day it will take you to get to Caldari Frigate 4 is absolutely worth it. After that, getting to Mining 4 will allow you to use T2 Mining lasers, which are definitely better than their T1 counterparts.

For the moment, you should fit 2x miners I on your Bantam. The modules you fit in the med slots really are unimportant, as no med slots modules will increase your yield in the game. You can also train the skill Mining Upgrades 1 and try fitting one Mining Laser Upgrade (+5% to mining yield per laser) in one of your low slots. Whether it will fit or not will depend of your Electronics skill level.

You should mine in your Bantam until you get Caldari Frigate 4 and Mining 4. For the moment keep stockpiling the ore you get, you will get better offers for your ore/minerals in bigger quantities.