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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

1.3.2 The Basic Mining Techniques

There is two ways to mine (ok, there are more than that, but there are two basic ways of mining). The first is to fly your ship back to the station as soon as your cargo is full to unload (which is quite time consuming), or use a technique called jetcan mining.

How it works is quite simple: the first time your cargo is filled, you simply jettison the ore in a can, and you keep filling this can by transferring your ore from your cargo to your can until it's full (which has 27,500m3 of space versus your small cargo). Once this can is filled, you switch your ship to a hauler (also called industrial), which are specialized ships with big cargo to transport goods. Make sure you haul your can every hour and a half to a maximum, as a can will expire and pop-up every two hours or so.

The main drawback from using this technique is that anyone can open your can and steal your ore. This is becoming rarer and rarer, but it still happens. If someone does take something from your can, they will start flashing red in your overview, which means you will be allowed to shoot them without Concord interfering. You can also gang yourself with corpmates to hunt him down, as anyone in your gang will also be allowed to shoot him.

1.3.3 Industrial Ships

Each race as its own set of haulers. What is great about EVE is that you are not limited to fly only one race. Unfortunately although the Caldari have the best mining frigate, they do not have the best haulers. Instead, I suggest training for a Mammoth (Minmatar).

The Mammoth will hold 16,686m3 with 4x Expanded cargohold I modules and 4x Giant Secure Containers. Why the GSC ? Simply because they use 3000m3 of cargo space, but can hold 3900m3, which means for every can you can fit in your cargo, you will get an extra 900m3 of cargo. No other T1 haulers will approach that kind of cargo space, except the Gallente Iteron V, which requires Gallente Industrial 5, meaning it is not at a beginner's reach.

Skills you will need
: Minmatar Frigate 3, Minmatar Industrial 4

However, while you train for the Mammoth, the Caldari Badger will do a fine job. Don't stress yourself at getting a Mammoth too quickly, definitely not before you fly a cruiser. Keep using the Badger until you have a few millions in your wallet.