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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

2. Refining

The refining system in EVE is not that complicated, but is not so easy to understand either. Basically, five criteria will affect your refining yield:

1- Your Refining skill level
2- Your Refinery Efficiency level (requires Refining 5)
3- Your standing toward the corporation owning the station where you want to refine at
4- The refining equipment of the station

2.1 Calculating your Yield

The formula to calculate your yield is the following:

[Station Equipment] + 0.375 x (1 + [Refining Skill] x 0.02) x (1+ [Refinery Efficiency Skill] x 0.04) x (1+ [Ore Processing Skill] x 0.05)

Thanks to Tinoga Enterprises Services for figuring this one out

To know the station equipment, open the refinery of the station and look on the right, as shown by the following screenshot:

The yellow rectangle shows the part where the station equipment is given. In the event your standing isn't high enough or you are in an Outpost (player built), you are subject to taxes (shown by the green rectangle), which must be calculated apart from the refining yield. When we talk about the refining yield, we never include the taxes. The yield they give you in the refining window (in this case, 84.5%) is baloney as it doesn't take into account your specialized skills, so ignore it.