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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

3.2.2 From Yield to Ore

People are very confused as to the amount of ore they will get when doing a "show info" on their strip or mining laser. It's in fact very simple to find out, you just have to know how. You simply have to divide your yield per cycle by the volume of the ore you're mining, and truncate the result.

Ore Volume
Veldspar 0.1 m3
Scordite 0.15 m3
Pyroxeres 0.3 m3
Plagioclase 0.35 m3
Omber 0.6 m3
Kernite 1.2 m3
Jaspet 2 m3
Hemorphite 3 m3
Hedbergite 3 m3
Gneiss 5 m3
Dark Ochre 8 m3
Spodumain 16 m3
Crokite 16 m3
Bistot 16 m3
Arkonor 16 m3
Mercoxit 40 m3


Again, here's an example with Omber. Using a hypothetical yield of 1789.67m3/cycle, the amount of Omber you would get per cycle is:

1789.67/0.6 = 2982.78 units 2982 units/cycle

So you would end up with 2982 units of Omber in your cargo after every cycle... simple enough, isn't it ? And you thought I'd kill your brains !

This ends our third section. Hopefully I haven't melted too many neurons. If so feel free to get drunk and come back later !