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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

To use T1 crystals, you will need the skills mentioned above, and the [Metal] Ore Processing to level 3, for example Omber Processing 3. To use the T2 crystal, you'd need Omber Processing 4.

Here's a table that shows the different base yield of the lasers depending of the crystals
you will fit in it.

Laser Base yield (in m3) With T1 Crystal (62,5% bonus) with T2 Crystal (75% bonus)
T2 Strips 360 585 630
MDCM2 120 195 210

For the sake of comparison, remember that the T1 strips have a base yield of 540. So T2 strips actually provide a 16,17% bonus to your yield over the T1 strips ! But it's also possible to demonstrate this with an example, so here goes !

Say we use our previous Covetor with T2 crystals as an example; let's see what kind of yield we will get:

360*1.25*1.25*1.05*1.15*1.75 = 1188.63 m3/cycle

Using Omber, it means 1188.63 /0.6 = 1981.05 1981 units of Omber/cycle (per strip)

Since you're fitted with 3 strip miners, you will be getting 5943 units of Omber per cycle, or 118 860 units of Omber per hour. As we said earlier, this is a 16,17% increase over our previous Covetor fitted with T1 strips.

5.1 How do I Read my Yield ?

First you should know the EVE-O database is incorrect, so don't expect to understand how T2 strips work from there. Furthermore, when doing a show info on your T2 strip, there is a lot of information in there and people are very confused.

To know your current actual yield (including all skills and bonuses you are getting), look under "Specialty Crystal Mining Amount" (shown in the screenshot by a green rectangle). Just ignore Mining Amount, it will confuse you and there is no need to make it more complicated.

This puts an end to our crystals section. As you can see the increase is absolutely worth it, and it is a good step to take before going on to the Hulk (if you ever do). Plus crystals can also be used with MDCM2, which fit nicely on a battleship, so if you're an Apoc or Rokh miner, you can benefit from this.

In any case, I suggest you train for crystals right after you got your Covetor.

To see your actual yield, look under Specialty Crystal Mining Amount