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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

6. Achieving perfection

There are many skills and modules that will increase your yield in this game. It is possible for a miner to max those skills and achieve what I like to call, "the Perfect Miner". A perfect miner is someone who has no other possibility to increase his yield. Here's a table with all skills and modules that can influence your yield.


Skill/Item Effect Note
Mining V + 25% to yield  
Astrogeology V + 25% to yield  
Mining Barge V + 15% to yield of barges and exhumers  
Exhumer V + 15% to yield of exhumers  
Mining Foreman V + 10% to yield

must be squadron commander for it to work

Drone Interfacing V +100% to yield of mining drones  
Mining Drone Operation V + 25% to yield of mining drones  
Crystals ­ T1 and T2 +8,33% (T1) or +16,17% (T2) to yield fit on T2 lasers only
Mining Laser Upgrades ­ T1, T2
and named
+5% to yield per MLU, +9% for MLU2.Various named variants now available with different CPU penalty.  
HX-2 Highwall (slot 10) + 5% to yield (requires Cybernetic V) 100-250mil on escrow
Michi Excavation (slot 7) + 5% to yield (requires Cybernetic V) 350-500mil on escrow
Mining Foreman Mindlink (slot 10) +50% to Foreman skill, +50% to Foreman
Link effectiveness (requires Cybernetic V)
must be squadron commander for it to work

I deliberately did not list mining foreman links or gang modules, as they CANNOT be fitted on a barge, nor battleship. Those gang modules will be covered in another section, since there are many changes to gang bonuses since Revelations.

Mining Foreman V however is valid, since you can just form a squadron with an alt and you both will receive the bonus, even if you are in a Hulk or a barge.

The mining implants do stack, however as you may have guessed, you cannot plug both the Highwall mining implant and the Foreman mindlink at the same time.

The Michi implant is a COSMOS mission item, which explains why it is a little hard to find and is more expensive. The Highwall implant is easier to come by and is a little more affordable. Whether it's worth it for you to buy these or not, that's yours to decide.