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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

6.2 Upgrades for the riches

Heard of the new mining upgrades CCP first released that were so unbalanced that a Rokh outmined a Hulk? They cost a fortune, people spent millions, and then, silently, were nerfed and did not work. A patch was brought, and their bonuses were changed... those who know what I am talking about might still be crying about it... thank the Gods (hello BSG!) I didn't fall for them. They finally ended up like this...

Name CPU Penalty Mining Amount Bonus Price
Aoede 7.50% 9% 500-600mil
MLU II 12.50% 9% 20-25mil
Carpo 8.00% 8% 200mil
Elara 8.50% 7% 30-75mil
Erin 6.00% 6% 15mil-200mil
MLU I 10.00% 5% 50K

Just so you know, you can fit two MLU II on a Hulk ... yes, you will need Mining Upgrades IV whereas the other only require Mining Upgrades I, but you will save quite a bit of ISK!

Do not forget about the Gypsy' KMB-# implant which add CPU to your ship... you can now fit 2x MLU on a covetor with it !