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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

7. The Mighty Hulk

It's big, it's sexy, it's powerful... it's the Mighty Hulk™!

Since the introduction of Exhumers in RMR, mining became even more profitable. The very nice thing about Exhumers is that once you can fly a Covetor, you're only a few days of training away from flying an Exhumer.

The Skiff, the Mackinaw and the Hulk each have their area of expertise. The Skiff is used to mine mercoxit, the Mackinaw to mine ice, and the Hulk everything else. Since they're all so different, they each will get their section.

The second biggest question after the battleship vs retriever debate is probably, "is it worth it to buy a Hulk?". At the time I wrote the first version of this guide, it didn't take too long before the prices for Hulks sky rocketed. The demand for them only raised, which means right now, the price for a Hulk actually increased, touching the 500mil ISK figure. It is one big investment, so before we go and get one, we need to know if it's actually worth the bang for your buck. Well, it is.

Simply put, the Hulk is a freakin' mining monster. His name was not badly chosen. It gets a combined 20% improvement in yield over the Covetor, and can fit such a nasty tank that it will repel rats (even in 0.0) or small gankers (we have already seen interceptors dying to a Hulk).

Where does the 20% come from ? Simply, from Exhumer 5 (15%) and the extra MLU the Hulk can fit...

We will do the math again, for the heck of it. I assume you went from a "maxed Covetor" to a Hulk in the following equation:

360 * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.15 * 1.15 * 1.15 * 1.05 * 1.05 * 1.05^2 * 1.75 = 1819.75 m3/cycle

Using Omber, it means 1819.75 /0.6 = 3032.92 = 3032 units of Omber/cycle (per strip)

Since you're fitted with 3 strip miners, you will be getting 9096 units of Omber per cycle, or 181 920 units of Omber per hour. This is a 20,74% increase over our previous"maxed" Covetor. To go back to our roots, it's a 175.14% increase to our Retriever at the beginning. Can you say, oh my god?

So in essence, the three or four months of training, ISK and effort you put into your character has brought you a 175.14% increase in your yield. Care to ask me if it was worth it again ?