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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

7.2 Payback time

It's legitimate to ask yourself how many hours you will need to spend mining to benefit from your purchase. As we established the Hulk almost yield 21% more than the Covetor. Since invention, the prices of Hulks have rapidly fallen. The following example was written when Hulks were still at 500mil ...

Payback will be of course much faster in 0.0 since your ISK/hour ratio is higher. To determine the approximate number of hours you'll need to mine, you have to know the difference in price between a Hulk and a Covetor, and divide it by the difference in ISK you can make per hour between the Hulk and The Covetor.

We will use Bistot to make a clear example, as it is one of the most precious ore in 0.0. At the time of writing this guide, we can estimate the value of one Bistot unit at 10 000 ISK/unit. To figure that out, simply use Eve-Central's daily report on minerals. Multiply the number of units each mineral Bistot gives (refer to the table in section 1.2 of this guide) by the average weighted selling price you found on Eve-central for that mineral, add the values together and you will have a fair estimate. In our case it's a little more than 10 000 ISK/unit, but since it is usually not possible to get a 100% refine in 0.0 (as we determined earlier), 10 000 ISK/unit is a good estimate.

The next table shows the difference in ISK you make per hour between both ships.

Ship Yield (m3/cycle) Bistot/cycle Bistot/hour ISK/hour  
Covetor 1507.03 94 5640 56,400,000.00  
Hulk 1819.75 113 6780 67,800,000.00  
        11,400,000.00 difference


The difference in price is easy enough to make... a Covetor goes for around 20mil ISK, while a Hulk goes for 500mil ISK at the moment (or at the time of writing the guide originally). Therefore the difference is 480mil ISK.

Now to know how many hours you will need to pay back the investment, simply divide 480 by 11.4 which gives you 42 hours. Today a Hulk can be had for 150mil, so the payback time would be around 13 hours. That's bloody nothing!

So there you have it, you will need to mine for more or less 42 hours to get back in your money. This is for 0.0 and Bistot of course, just replace Bistot by whatever ore you have access to and you will be able to figure this one out yourself !