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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

News & Updates

06.10.07 Version 2.2 of guide releases New sections added, notably:
- Rorqual
- Gas Cloud Mining
- Role of carriers
- Refining Implants
- New mining upgrades
- Outpost upgrades
- The Rokh Some sections were re-written or updated. "Show me the money" section was updated with current mineral prices. Other smaller updates here and there. New cover page, introduction, layout... well, a bunch of new stuff !

21.01.07 - Version 2.0.1 of guide released

A few mistakes were found and are now corrected:
- Jaspet also gives 8 units of Zydrine
- Adding the Rokh to the battleship section
- On page 16 you can read "Using T2 miners, which has a 80m3/cycle base yield". It should read "Using T2 miners, which has a 60 m3/cycle base yield". The equation is however correct.
- In section 6, "HX-1 Highwall (slot 10)" should read "HX-2 Highwall (slot 10)"
- Added comments in the drones section about the "harvesters suck" argument
- Added comments in the capital ship mining section

30.11.06 - Version 2.0 of guide released
Version 2.0 was released to coincide with the new expansion Revelations. The guide was completely rewritten with more extensive coverage and updated to reflect new changes. Most important ones:
- Pre-requisites for empire "low-ends" mining crystals lowered (section 5)
- Mining Drone Augmentator Rigs (section 12)
- Mining Foreman Mindlink fixed (section 6)
- Squadron Command skill replaced by Warfare Link Specialist (section 11)