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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

12. Rigs

Revelations didn't bring us miners so many treats... in fact, in all the newness, the only true new thing we got is the Drone Mining Augmentator, which acts as an implant for your ship (if removed will be destroyed) by increasing your mining drone's yield at the expense of your ship's CPU capacity.

Skills you will need: Drones Rigging 1, Jury Rigging , Mechanic 3

Before you do anything, you should make sure the CPU drawback (-10%, which can be further reduced by 10% for every Drones Rigging level you train) won't render your ship useless. For instance, a tanking Hulk won't have the CPU to use that rig. You can always remove it if you found out you made a mistake, however you will lose it (just like normal implants). Since rigs are very new, it's impossible to determine the price those rigs will sell for. Depending of what they'll cost, removing them or not will have to be a decision you make alone. At Drones Rigging 5 the CPU drawback will only be 5% instead of 10%. It's not a big penalty, but it is something you have to look out for.

Two versions of the rig are available:

Funnily enough, they are useful. Even the Drone Mining Augmentator I will benefit high- ends (Bistot, Arkonor, Crokite) miners by adding an extra unit to each drone's yield (5 units instead of 4).

The next section will explain in more details what kind of ISK benefit those rigs bring. It's nothing to drool about, but the soon-to-be maxed miner or the already maxed miner will want those anyway, just for the sake of saying "I'm a mining god!".