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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

13.3 And the winner is...

This is probably the section most people will jump at before reading anything else. In this guide, we had a look at many different ships, so to make a general comparative chart, we will use the following ships on the evolution chain from noob mining recruit to mining god (me ! )...

Our Retriever from section 4
Our Rokh from section 4
Our Covetor from section 5 (with crystals)
Our "Perfect Miner" Hulk from section 7 (refer to section 6)
Our God Mode Hulk ("Perfect Miner" + pilot boosting him, refer to section 11.3)

Including ALL ore types in this table would be useless, as you can determine this by yourself. The point is to determine with a quick glance the differences between empire, low-sec and 0.0 mining, hence weighting the risks vs. the rewards. Drones aren't factored in this table.

In bold is the best ratio you can get in the game ... give or take of course. This doesn't include drones naturally... let's not forget our Mackinaw and Skiff...

Mackinaw "Perfect Miner" (Dark Glitter) : 22,880,000.00 ISK/hour
Skiff "Perfect Miner" (Mercoxit) : 38,244,000.00 ISK/hour

13.3.1 Drones help

Since drones cannot mine ice nor Mercoxit, which is why we are calculating their ISK/hour ratio separately.

As you can see drones DO make a difference ... of course those values do not reflect the traveling time factor, refer to section 8 for more information about that.