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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

14.2 Capital Tractor Beam

I admit that the idea behind them are great. With a tractoring range of 200KM , the Rorqual can comfortably sit in a belt, tractor can to itself and compress on site... no more hauling!

This is however rarely the case at the present time in the practical world. Since the Rorqual needs to be sieged for 5 minutes to be really efficient, it's also dangerous. For this reason right now, Rorquals are mostly seen within the security of a POS bubble.

14.3 Clone VAT Bay

By fitting a (or many) Clone VAT Bay in one of the Rorqual's 6 high slots, you can act as a cloning station and receive clones directly within the ship. Although this seems superfluous, it can be a huge strategic advantage if you set up a remote mining camp. Section 14.5 will cover this in greater details.

14.4 Fitting the Rorqual

The Rorqual has

6 High slots
7 med slots
3 low slots
And 3 rig slots (suggest using CCC rigs)

It should be apparent that it was meant to be shield tanked, as is the Hulk. Whether the Rorqual is left at the POS or not, it should always have a tank. Therefore, one Capital Shield Booster, as well as the best EM and Thermal Shield Hardeners you can afford should be part of the 7 med slots. The tests I ran showed that with 3x CCC rigs and 4x Cap Recharger II along the shield boosting modules, the tank is self sustainable.

As far as lows are concerned, CPR are out of the question since they reduce shield boosting. Therefore, one damage control II to further boost those resists with two faction PDU ought to make a good tank.

Finally, in the high slots, you absolutely need one slot for the Industrial Core and finally one for a foreman link, leaving four free slots to use for either VAT bays, capital tractors or remote hull/shield/armor repairers. Which you fit will depend of your skills and needs.

You must also realize the propositions I gave are standard and very conservative in nature. In my experience though, you will appreciate the quickest cap regen you can get, especially in tight situations when you need to repair or jump away. Since you need 70% capacitor to jump, if you need to travel through many systems, you'll also appreciate the shorter wait.

For a capital ship, I'd fit the best I can afford, Gist-X hardeners and shield boost amplifier even.