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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

14.6 Setting up a remote mining camp

I won't even try to delude myself into thinking I was the first to have that idea, but it's a great one, and I'll share it with you.

A long time ago, when capital ships were not yet even on the drawing board, freighters could not load or unload cargo at a POS and hauling was a pain, you were either forced to mine near an Outpost or station, or haul your butt for hours on end.

Today we have an arsenal of logistic tools available for us to use. When I scout for a system to either set up in or to use for a mining op on a larger scale, I've come to grow and love Ombey's amazing 2D Maps -

These maps will allow quickly to see which systems are dead-ends or easier to defend, the number of belts it has, presence of outposts and its security status. Remember, the closest to -1.0 a system is, the better the belts will be. What I do is, find a system far away from any outposts, with a good number of belts and low security status. I them compile a list, hop in a covert up, and go survey those systems. Once I've found the best system to set up in, the fun starts.

To make the most use out of that system, I will set a POS there, to act as a remote camp. I prepare a medium tower, some corp arrays, ship maintenance array, some hardeners and if you want guns. If your alliance has sov in this area, cyno generator/jammer will help a lot. This is the boring part, and for those who have no idea how POS work, I some reading on EVE-O might help you around, there are countless resources to help you.

Once the POS is ready, you have a ship maintenance array to refit and store your ships, some corp arrays to stock crystals, modules, ore, bpos, and fuel. Who needs a refinery there when you got a Rorqual?

The first time you set it up might require a few carrier trips (or freighter run), but once it's all set up, it's a bless. This is where the Rorqual's VAT bays come in. Once all the ships you need are already at the POS, you can have all your miners clone to the Rorqual there instantly, provided it is already at the POS of course. Then miners can dock the ships in the ship maintenance array and go mine their hearts away in a silent and juicy system. Finally, the Rorqual only needs to compress the ore, and jump it to some nearby refinery... how easy has remote mining become?