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The Complete Miner's Guide by Halada

Version 2.2

18. Links

This is an index of all links proposed in the guide and more, in no particular order.

- 2D EVE Maps

An invaluable tool which allows for a quick glance at any system, its security status and
number of belts.

- Joerd's Exploration Guide 2.0

A guide that covers exploration in details

- ToxicFire's Ore Map

List number of asteroid belts and the ore types in that system for every system

- Eve-central

Eve-Central is a nice website with reports on the current market situation, and allows to
compare prices on all database items universe-wide

- Refining yield calculator

You can determine your refining yield (taxes excluded) depending of your skills and
station equipment with this tool.

- Ore calculator

Battleclinic has an excellent ore calculator, which will help you know how much mineral
you can expect for your refines depending of your skills and station equipment.

- EVEgeek

Nice website with general information about the game, with an industry section. Ore
info, ore calculator and a mineral index are all available for you miners.