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Beginners Guide to Tanking

This article was written and revised by Friedrick Psitalon.   I have made no alterations to this document, and take no credit for the valuable information contained within.

Author’s Note: This article is not intended for “advanced” readers – it is more of an intermediate and basic player’s guide. It is as exhaustive as such a guide can be, and to the best of my knowledge continues no inaccuracies. If you think something should be added or is in error, please feel free to post about it. This article is the result of a great deal of board reading, and if this work is helpful to other players, it is because I have merely stood on the very high shoulders of some excellent members of the Eve Forums, and reformulated/garnished much of what is found on the forums with my own observations and thoughts. The example fittings provided are by no means the last word, but unlike many on the forums, the fittings are all inexpensive and Tier 1, and the assumption is that the player does not by any means have every skill maxed-out, and possibly some not trained at all.