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Outpost FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What are the pre-requisites for building an Outpost?
A - Only an Alliance may build an Outpost
You can only build an Outpost in a sector which you have sovereignty over
You will need at least 1 Freighter
You will need a HELL OF A LOT of ISK (approx 25-30 Billion)
Outpost Construction Level 1 Skill (to build the station platform)
Anchoring Level 5 is required to anchor the Outpost Platform in space

Q - What is an Outpost?
A - A player built Station.

Q - Where is an Outpost deployed?
A - At the warp in point of a planet.

Q - Can we build more than 1 Outpost/Station in a solarsystem?
A - No, only 1 station or outpost maybe built in a solarsystem.

Q - Can we blow up an Outpost?
A - No they are indestructible.

Q - Can an Outpost Platform (more commonly known as the egg) be destroyed before the outpost is erected?
A - Yes it can apparently, I heard figures in the region of 100,000,000 hit points, after that the egg goes boom.

Q. Does an Outpost have defenses?
A - Directly, no it doesn't, but since a POS controls sovereignty and whilst sovereignty is maintained the outpost is indestructible/unconquerable the Outpost is defended. Of course the real defense are the players.

Q. Does the Outpost (note Outpost and not POS) require fuel to run?
A - No

Q. What is the difference between an outpost and a conquerable station? Or are they the same thing?
A - Difference is a conquerable station is already pre-built you just have to pound on it a lot to get it (if an Alliance hasn't claimed sovereignty). An Outpost you physically construct and it takes oodles of stuff to make one. But in essence they become the same thing, once you take sovereignty off the Outpost owner it's then conquerable. Also a conquerable station atm maybe a refinery, maybe a factory, maybe a research stn, until it's conquered you don't really know what your getting.

Q. What is the refinery % and do skills boost the amount?
A - Refinery outpost has a base refining of 35% and yes it is boosted by skills. In particular the ore specific processing skills and scrap metal processing (for loot). Also the station is configurable so the owner may take a % of the amount being refined.  With Revelations II the outpost refinery can be upgraded to a higher refining level or refining services can be added to other outposts.