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Outpost Construction

What do I need to build an Outpost?

1 freighter
1 manufacturer with the Outpost Construction Level 1 Skill
1 platform BPO or a BPC
Approx 30 billion ISK
Some freighters to fill the egg (1 freighter pilot skilled to L5 freighter will do it in about 4-5 runs)
Anchoring Level 5 Skill

All Outpost Platform components are NPC buy only, you cannot make them from minerals.

Stages of making your Outpost

1. Get sovereignty in the solarsystem.
2. Buy the Outpost Platform BPO or get lucky and get a BPC from someone.
3. Make the Outpost Platform in a station (requires Outpost construction L1)
4. Take the Outpost Platform to the deployment location, launch it then anchor it (requires Outpost construction L1 and anchoring L5 to anchor).
5. Fill the Outpost Platform with the required items as listed on it (can be done using freighters).
6. Once all the items are in - build it.
7. Wait until Downtime when your egg is turned into an outpost.