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Gunnery Sergeant - Controlling POS Guns and EW

Q - What position do I have to be to get control of the guns?
A - Within 15,000m of the control tower (inside the bubble)

Q - Do I need skills or roles to take control of guns?
A - You need the Starbase Defense Management Skill which allows you to control 1 offensive gun or EW array per skill level and you will need the Starbase Defense Operator role.

Q - How do I target a ship as it says I cannot target a ship inside the forcefield?
A - Watch the video below it shows both ways and how.

Q - Can I activate my ship modules whilst controlling POS guns/EW?
A - No, if you do activate your modules they will stop after the next cycle is due to begin. As demonstrated in the video.

Q - Can I control POS guns in High Sec (0.4 > 0.7)?
A - Yes you can, you can only target players that are at war with you or are criminally flagged to your corporation.