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Moon Harvesting POS

Q - What is the purpose of Moon mining?
A - The minerals harvested from moons are used eventually to make Tech II components.

Q - What do you mean eventually?
A - Minerals that are harvested go through 3 processes before they become Tech II components

Q - So what do I need to mine moons?
A - A POS, more specifically a control tower, harvester(s), silo(s) and maybe something to defend itself (guns).

Q - How do I find out if a moon is going to give me minerals?
A - You probe them, see the video link below for moon probing tutorial.

Q - Why use Coupling Arrays?
A - The only reason to use coupling arrays when harvesting is so you don't lose a cycle when you offline the silos to empty them.

Q - What's the difference between a Tech I and Tech II harvester?
A - A Tech II harvester mines 200 units per cycle against the tech I version which mines 100 units per cycle.  To mine 200 you need a moon with a mineral of abundance 2+.

Q - Can I online the harvester and silo and then set the mineral to harvest?
A - NO you cannot set the harvester type when the harvester is online, the option on the control manage screen to set mineral type is not present when it's online.

Q - Can I mine moons in high sec?
A - No moon harvesters will only anchor in 0.3 and below sectors so it's not possible to moon mine in high sec. Tech II Moon harvesters will only anchor in 0.2 and below.

Sequence of events

Moon Probing tutorial/video

POS Harvester set up tutorial/video