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Alliance POS Usage


Currently in EVE there is no way for another corp (whether in the same alliance or not) to open up a POS structure containing a corp hangar and see inside it, unless you are the owning POS corp. Another corp CAN put items into an array but they disappear into a black hole lost forever (or until a GM retrieves them).

That alone is the cause of why POS alliance and public research is broken.

Since you now know that you can assume correctly that an alliance corp (not the POS owning corp) cannot do ANY of the following things:

The reason they cannot do the above is simple, to build anything in a manufacturing array requires the materials to be in the manufacturing arrays corp hangar. Since only the owning POS corp can see in that hangar it's impossible for anyone else to do manufacturing at the array. If another corp does put items into the manufacturing array they disappear into a black hole.

They cannot do invention for the same reason, invention requires materials to be inside the POS Lab array, same applies to Tech II BPO researching, the job requires materials to do so you cannot do the job.

Blueprint copying produces a BPC inside the Lab array and since only the owning corp can access it the blueprint copy another corp produces would not be accessible. In fact I'm pretty sure due to changes in the recent patches that you cannot put a copying job on now anyway, for the reasons already stated above.

What they can do

If the owning corp sets the labs for alliance:

Then the alliance corp can put on remote jobs, what do I mean by remote jobs, well see below:

The BPO must be in a corp hangar in a Station or Outpost in the same solarsystem as the POS Lab.

That means the BPO has to be put in a corp hangar (cannot be put on from a personal hangar) in a station or outpost in the same solarsystem as the POS, this means the corp must have an office in that station and be part of the same alliance.

The Scientific Networking skill does NOT change this requirement, the SN skill simply allows you to be remote to the BPO and POS Labs, it still requires the BPO to be in a corp hangar in a station or outpost in the same solarsystem as the POS Labs.

The only jobs that do not require materials or output anything is Tech I ME and PE research, so an alliance corp is limited to this.