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Skills needed for manufacturing


Allows basic operation of factories. 4% reduction in manufacturing time per skill level.

Cuts down the time it takes to build an item, whilst you may not think this is an important skill a lot of the skills below this and certainly for Tech II and III manufacturing require Industry L5.

Production Efficiency

4% reduction per skill level to the material requirements needed for production. Requires Industry L3.

This is the most important skill to a manufacturer, without Prod Eff L5 a manufacturer simply cannot be competitive because it will cost more in materials to build an item the lower the Prod Eff skill is.

Mass Production

Ability to run 1 additional manufacturing jobs per level. Requires Industry L3.

This skill allows you to run more than one manufacturing job simultaneously, it doesn't allow you to use the same blueprint more than once at a time, it simply allows you to use multiple factory slots.

Advanced Mass Production

Ability to run 1 additional manufacturing jobs per skill level. Requires Mass Production L5.

This is the advanced version of Mass Production. With both Mass Prod and Adv Mass Prod at L5 you will have the ability to run a total of 11 manufacturing jobs simultaneously.

Supply Chain Management

Proficiency at starting jobs remotely.

This means YOU can be further away from your blueprint and materials (which must be in the same station/location) and be able to start manufacturing jobs. Level 1 allows for range within the same solar system. Levels 2 extends that range to 5 jumps and then each subsequent level doubles it. Level 5 allows for full regional range.

The above skills are the basic ones needed to become a manufacturer. Supply Chain Management, Mass production and Advanced Mass Production aren't necessary unless you plan on going into manufacturing big time. They simply allow you to manufacture remotely and build more than 1 item at once.

Industry and Prod Efficiency are important skills and you really need them both at L5 before you think about starting to manufacture anything.

Skills needed for Tech 2 & Capital Manufacturing

There are a whole host of additional skills required for building Tech 2 and Capital items.

To check out the skills required for a build simply look at the Blueprint information. It will tell you which skills are required. See the blueprint section for a better understanding.

Basic skills for T2 manufacturing you will need at least:

*Dependant on what you are manufacturing

Additionally for T2 ships

For Modules (basic skills also required)

For instance if we take the Expanded CargoHold II it requires Industry L5 - Molecular Engineering L1 (requires Science L5 and Mechanic L5) and Nanite Engineering L1 (requires Science L5 and Electronics L5)

For Rigs (basic skills also required)

For instance if we take the Polycarb Engine Housing II it requires Industry L5, Molecular Engineering L1 (requires Science L5 and Mechanic L5), Nanite Engineering L1 (requires Science L5 and Electronics L5) and Astronautics Rigging L1 (which requires Jury Rigging L3 and Mechanic L3).

Skills needed for Tech 3 Manufacturing

A natural step for T3 manufacturing is if you have trained to become a T2 manufacturer, it will not be easy to create a character just for T3 manufacturing as it will take a very long amount of time to train up for.


A subsystem requires Jury Rigging L5, Cruiser Construction L4, Starship engineering L4, Science related skill L4 and the new subsystem technology L1, sounds easy doesn't it.

It's not actually, when you consider all the secondary skill requirements to just get those listed above, you will need Mechanic L5, Science L5, Research L5, Engineering L5, Frigate Construction L4 and a second Science related skill for the Subsystem technology skill at L4. That's not taking into account you should also have all the basic skill listed at the top of this page.


Hulls require slightly less skills in numbers but at a higher level, also take into account that a T3 Hull also requires subsystems fitted so unless you just plan on making Hulls you will need all the subsystem skills also.

Typically to manufacture Hulls requires Starship Engineering L5 (requires Science L5 and Mechanic L5), Cruiser Construction L5 (requires Frigate Construction L4), Industry L5 and Mechanical Engineering L4 (requires Science L5 and Mechanic L5).