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How to make the hull and subsystems

To make the hull and subsystems you will need to perform reverse engineering on Sleeper relics to get the necessary BPCs (or buy them off contracts when they become available). Materials to make the components are made from hybrid polymers and Sleeper salvage.

These components, can be built in normal NPC stations in the normal manufacturing way.

Hulls and Subsystems require a POS/Starbase Subsystem Assembly Array to build them in which can be anchored and used in high sec space, or you can use Assembly lines in Amarr Factory Outposts.

Skill requirements

Subsystems - Cruiser Construction L4 - Jury rigging L5

The rest of the subsystem skills depends on the subsystem - there will be 1 subsystem technology required at L1 (IE Offensive Subsystem L1) and 2 Sceince skills at Level 4

Hulls - Cruiser Construction L5 - Industry L5 - Starship Engineering L5 and Mechanical Engineering L4